Red Stuff Chilly Pickle,ACHAR

250 g



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Red Stuffed Chilli Pickle introduced specially for those spice lovers. It is prepared by stuffing the whole red chillies with the choicest spices to give you a unique flavour and an addition to your daily food. Add a dash of these spicy hot chilli pickle to your meal for an extra spiciness.

Ingredients - Whole Red Chilli,Fennel Seed.Onion Seed,Amchur Powder,Musterd Oil,Turmeric Powder,Iodised Salt.

Nutritional Value -

  • Fats - 8 g
  • Energy - 190 Kcal
  • Proteins - 2 g
  • Sugar - 0 g
  • Carbohydrates - 27 g

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